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Tone Wizards Book by Curtis Fornadley

Picture by Diego Lopez

Curtis Fornadley recently released a book entitled “Tone Wizards” that interviews top-guitarists and gear gurus on the never ending quest of finding the ultimate guitar tone. Curtis is an excellent guitar player himself, but check out this cool list of people that have been interviewed in the book:

Joe Bonamassa
Bob Bradshaw
John Carruthers
Cliff Chase
Peter Frampton
David Friedman
Jay Graydon
Scott Henderson
Eric Johnson
Jim Kelley
Jeff Kollman
Ronan Chris Murphy
Joe Satriani
John Suhr
Pete Thorn
Steve Vai
Carl Verheyen

At the time of this post, it looks like only the ebook version is available on Amazon, but the print copy should be available soon too.

I’ll post a review once I order one and read through it.