New Album Announcement: Acceptances of Gravitational Collapsing Manifestations

Album cover art: “Acceptances of Gravitational Collapsing Manifestations”

Hello folks,

It’s finally complete. I’m so happy to announce my new album: “Acceptances of Gravitational Collapsing Manifestations”. Marco Minnemann from The Aristocrats played drums on this one and I’m still smiling ear to ear just thinking about it and even more so while writing this sentence…

The album is an instrumental rock fusion/ progressive rock/hard-rock/metal album. You’d find dense harmony and experimental sections throughout. It’s fun from an energy-standpoint but the mood of the songs is dark (… \m/ for dark \m/…). It’s a cohesive record in the overall feel and flow. I’m just really happy with the way it turned out. I also don’t feel I’ve made any sacrifices artistically in what I wanted to say, which sometimes can be a little tricky to do, and something I have struggled with at times in the past. I feel that this record is a very honest record, and there were things I felt really strongly about that I felt needed to be said and have said.

Here’s an official press-release of the record, for the kind people who might be inclined to read more on this:

The pre-order release date is set to be October 19th (about 2 weeks from now), and the official release/street date is November 8th.

Why November 8th?

Because November 8th.

I could have made it November 5th, since there’s some significance with The Fifth of November. It would have been just as fitting, but I’m going with the 8th.

I’ll likely be posting a teaser and write about this in upcoming days.

Thanks for reading and supporting my music!

– Lucas

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