Record #4 Update

Enjoying the view outside Veneto West (Studio), just before the start of my mastering session with Ronan Chris Murphy in Kern County, CA.

Just thought I’d post a quick update on my new record (#4).

The record is a concept record, with 13 tracks, going for just under 52 minutes.

As with my other records in the past, I played everything outside of drums. But one of the greatest highlight for me is that I have Marco Minnemann playing the drums on all the songs, (including a small section of what sounds like an intentionally subliminal de-tuned guitar at the end of one of them.)

With so much energy, creativity, power, positivity, passion, while having utmost professionalism… Seriously – what a joy to work with!

Regarding the music, one feedback I’ve been getting on this record is that it has a definite album-feel to it in terms of the flow and cohesiveness, especially compared to the previous one which was more eclectic. I think part of the reason is that this one’s deliberately made to be a concept album, but I also had a very focused frame of mind during the composition phases. I also feel that each song had certain elements that were unique to the song, which is something I’m very happy with. The experimental sections are fun and still make me smile whenever I listen back to them, even after having already listening through hundreds of times.

Ronan Chris Murphy helped me master the record, giving it the final polish.

I feel really, really good and proud of this one. Right now, CDs have been ordered and I’m waiting for them to arrive. Assuming no unforeseen issues with quality control, I should be able to make the official announcement in about 2 weeks, for a pre-release date in mid October and street date at the end of October.

Final stretches now.

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