Bass recording tips

Just realized today I have roughly 1 more song to write for my record.
So I was doing a bit of homework on tracking bass, which I’ll probably start doing in a couple of week’s time.

I came across this one by Stu Hamm: (Part 1).

Some tips:
– Varying pickups
– Pick vs no pick
– Funny: “If you’re a guitar and/or a mediocre bass player, [thinking] that you’d put in a plugin for Ampeg SVT and you’re going to sound like Billy Sheehan, it’s not (**shakes head**) going to happen.”
– Do not play the strings too hard. Play it with a light touch and even, with a nice controlled attack, so it doesn’t sound too “clacky”. Bass wouldn’t sound bigger or thicker the louder a player plays. He has the bass volume overly loud in the mix, to keep himself in check, making sure he does not overpower the playing to maintain the fat even sound.
– Tuning the bass just a hair flat to sit better with the guitars and make the overall song sound less edgy.

Part 2 is here:, where he talks about arrangement/parts for a tune.

– Recording two takes from start to finish
– For example, one would be with a pick, another would be with fingers.
– Another example, one take would be driving 8s and another would be syncopated.
– Keep on playing even if there are mistakes

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