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Physical Copies of “Normalcy Bias” sold out on CDBaby. Restock on its way.

Hi All, it just came to my attention that CDBaby has sold out the physical copies of my “Normalcy Bias” record ( – it’s the one with Pat Mastelotto on drums). They have asked me to send in for restock. I’ve got a couple of things going on right now, but should probably have them available on the site sometime in November. Please feel free to message me if the timing doesn’t work out for you, and I’ll figure something out. My apologies as I just got the notification today (…not exactly the best timing, unfortunately). Thanks a ton for your patience!

Everything Music – Rick Beato

Rick Beato has a number of really cool videos on everything that’s music-related posted on Youtube (hence the appropriately named channel title “Everything Music“). You can find videos where he talks things ranging from music theory (such as complex poly-chordal/modal harmony) to studio/recording-related topics.

I think what he says here sums up why all this effort makes this worthwhile.

Starting at the 12:00 mark

You can’t describe all of human experience using 4 chords, just like you can’t learn a language using 4 words.

I’m just searching to get the feeling that I had when I was a kid and hearing a Dsus4 resolve to a Dmaj. Now it takes hearing a Cmaj-over-Ab go to Gmaj-over-F#. Six months from now, it may take a cluster resolving to another cluster.

I’m going to keep searching for that feeling, because I think that’s what music is about. It’s about trying to explain the emotional and spiritual condition of human existence.