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Mike Keneally Live at The Alvas Showroom 2016

Last weekend, I went to catch a Mike Keneally show with Gregg Bendian and Doug Lunn.

Watching Mr. Keneally is always a special treat. It was my first time seeing him play a Steinway Grand live. Let me tell you, it was the most beautiful experience I have ever experienced. The sequence of unexpected surprising complex harmony/ note choices, perfect instrument in a great sounding room, amazing touch,… it was as if all planets were aligned for this special moment.

Mike Keneally ended the show with “The Barbarian” by ELP. That was the first time I had ever heard the tune. So badass! Without knowing what it was, I asked him after the show if that final chord he played was a “Tarkus” chord, purposeful played as a tribute to Keith Emerson (who just passed away earlier this year) and he said that whole 2nd half of the tune he played was actually from ELP’s debut record – a tune named “The Barbarian”. He said he started off with his own tune then morphing into the cover. He then agreed that “The Barbarian” is an awesome song with a giddy smile/grin that I’ll never ever, ever forget. 😀 😀 😀 :D. He started off on the Steinway then went over to the the Organ patch off the SV1 and for the explosive cover. Oh, drive level was set to 6 for most tunes. All EQ settings at around 6, with a bit of hall reverb. Yes, I’m such a geek… 😀

Here’s the original tune by ELP (- the first song in this video), in case you had never heard of the tune before.