Scott Henderson’s interview on “Tim and Pete’s Guitar Show”

This is a really great episode where Pete Thorn and Tim Pierce interviews Scott Henderson. By the way – Great, great show hosted by two amazing players in their own right. In this episode, Scott Henderson talks about his tone, recording process, pedals, guitars, playing techniques.

Spoiler alert if you’re short on time to watch the full video:

  • He only owns 57s and single-mics his cabinets.
  • He uses different mic placements (in combination of tone controls) for different parts/sections of the song.
  • He would try to use a different distortion pedal/distortion setting from song to song to get a different timbre.
  • He uses different tone control settings for the different pickups – not just to tame the high-end of particular pickups, but so that when switching between bridge and neck, there’s less of a noticeable tonal difference, which suits his tastes better and what he found to be the case in old records he enjoys.
  • In the mix, he would play with low-shelf attenuation at 5K to get rid of the fizziness/brittle high-end, and would also play with boosting 3-5K as needed.
  • In live he uses a wet-dry setup, but the wet (reverb/delay) amp is placed right next to the dry amp, so it’s pretty much mono from distance, and they’re panned mono live. He would have the presence/highs turned down in the wet amp to directly adjust reverb/delays.
  • He goes into detail of how he picks (more side of the pick than the tip of the pick), use of fingers, where he would pick on the guitar, how he uses the whammy, etc.
  • Some of his things he talked about in how other player’s approach are quite fascinating too.

Video here on Youtube:


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