Goodbye Old Studio! Farewell San Diego!

For the last 2 or so years, I had been contemplating a move away from San Diego, for a variety of personal reasons. As soon as I finished my “Business Specials” record, I was very much focusing on relocation to the Greater Los Angeles area. No writing, no promo work of the new record, no playing/practicing – just the move. I can now say that I’m in the very latter part of the transition and onto the next phase of my life.

I made all 3 of my records in San Diego, and learned the fundamentals of recording during this period. First record was done in my apartment, and the latter two were in the living room of my later home and had world class drummers in them. Obviously these were never things that I had planned for when I first moved to the home, but I am eternally grateful how these things have worked out.


Original studio…

Empty studio

Empty studio… lifeless… dark… odd empty feeling…

The comfort and abundance of this home studio space is something I’m really missing already, but I’m now living closer to my friends, mentor, music teachers, professional music studios, like-minded people, all the activities/conventions/shows that are available in this area – heck, even the cool used gear market! Food options are much better should I need to grab a quick bite while working on my music. This is going to be an exciting time, and a much, MUCH needed boost!




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